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Coming Soon: Dodgeball Academia

Coming Soon: Dodgeball Academia

Add a touch of class to a sports-class game that’s all about being a know-it-all with a bouncy ball in Dodgeball Academia! Available On: SWITCH, PC, PS4, XBO


Okay, ballers. Dodgeball Academia class has kicked off! Here’s the essential need-to-know deets. There are three keys to success. Deft dodging. Fast, laser-focused chucking. And incoming-ball catching. Jump into the newbie sneakers of dodgeball dunce Otto. Then take his dodgy dodgeball skills from padawannabe to Jedi Masterful! Go from no-way to the pro way in eight bouncing episodes. Recruit a team of fellow ballers as you level up Otto. Keep your eye on the ball. And keep the ball on the other players. Dodgeball Academia is also the name of this dodgeball-loving school. Dive into the tucked-away secrets of this curve-ball campus. Or bounce off the main path and swing into side quests. Plus, there are mad minigames to master. For the main dodgeball events, you’ll wanna bring your A-game. Battle big-bad bosses to be the bestest baller. Then take on a buddy in a local couch comp.

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