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Kzone is the best And has a lot of cool prizes :) - Liam Hey K-zone I love the gaming magazines and everything inside. It is awesome. 😄 - Kyden P Shout out to my mates - Hayden shout out to all kzoners - Logan M I can’t wait for the December issue to come out. Lockdown is boring but kzone brightens up my day. - Lachlan G Luv ur mag kzone! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - mark s Pokemon is awesome and so is K-ZONE!!!!!!!! - Lewie so cool!! - Leo L Love your mags K-Zone!! - Nathan D i love kzonee!!!! - hizzy
Coming Soon: Harmony's Odyssey

Coming Soon: Harmony's Odyssey

It’s totes not the oddest way to find harmony, but Harmony’s Odyssey offers brainteaser 3D tile puzzles that may take a while to crack! Available On: Switch and PC in 2021

Think of Harmony’s Odyssey as kinda like a gamified Onward. Onward is a comedy about a familiar modern world that’s stuffed with unfamiliar mythical creatures. And that sums up Harmony’s Odyssey. As you play, make mates with mythical monsters and awesome animals. Like, check out a cyclops whose one eye won’t wander from their smartphone. Or pic-taking penguins alongside bullish and footy-loving minotaurs. Plus, dragons that are dirty they’re caught in terrible traffic while mermaids mill around in swimming pools. Harmony’s Odyssey takes this modern-meets-mythology setting and messes it all up with a meddling magical moggy. Magical cat? That’ll happen when a curious cat pinches a carelessly placed magical wand! It’s up to wondrous wizard Harmony to restore peace one piece at a time. There are seven unique wonderful worlds where you can crack a range of puzzles. Shuffle around 3D tiles and master marvellous minigames to untangle your cranky cat’s crooked carnage.


This isn’t developer Mythic Owl’s first animal-stuffed puzzle game. One Line Coloring is a game that challenges you to draw all manner of critters and other shapes with just a single line. Join the dots of 100 2D drawings that then pop out to life in 3D for a curious critter collection!

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