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Coming Soon: Pikmin AR

Coming Soon: Pikmin AR

Take a pic (or 10) with your fave Pikmin peeps that you collect while strolling out and about in the IRL world! Available On: ANDROID, IOS

Pikmin AR may read like a game that splices pint-sized Pikmin pals with arrr-loving pirates. But that “AR” dealio stands for “augmented reality”. Oh, that title totes ain’t final. But it’s basically Pokémon Go for Pikmin peeps. Plonk your phone in hand. Then dive into the task at hand: digging up packs of Pikmin. See Pikmin seeds? Pluck ’em up. Now wander to wonder at your growing crew. Name each Pikmin for a personalised touch. Then sniff out curiosity piqued peak Places of Interest. Roamed around enough for your Pikmin to be all grown up? Stack ’em into your squad. Now your walking in the wild will bear fruit. Like, actual in-game fruit. Turn that found fruit into nourishing Nectar. Pikmin fans’ll know that these plant peeps love Nectar. Let them nom on it to grow flowers from their noggins. Then send your cool crew out to your previously visited locations to nab more stuff!


Pikmin AR is the first Pikmin game to hit mobile devices. The series has been around for 20 years now (happy birthday, Pikmin!). And it’s been on pretty much every Ninty console from the GameCube, including the 3DS. If you’ve got a hankering for Pikmin today, jump into Pikmin 3 Deluxe on Switch.

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