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Coming Soon: The Gunk

Coming Soon: The Gunk

An all-new dream world from the devs behind SteamWorld has us thinkin’ we’ll defo unpack The Gunk out of the gaming trunk! Available On: XBO, XSX/S, PC

If Guardians of the Galaxy is our guide, going outta your way in outer space tends to lead to funk-filled discoveries. Like, The Gunk. Get outta your sci-fi bunk and get ready to take on the creepy junk called, well… the gunk. How the gunk got there is a big ol’ mystery. But what it does is mess up everything it touches. Including you. Keep your space mitts and boots off it! Take control of a dynamic duo of excellent space explorers keen to loot this lovely planet. Well, lovely except for the dangerous gunk. This gunk parasite doesn’t mind putting up a fight. Use your handy robo-fist to vacuum a path through the gunk. It may suck for them but they’ve got more to chuck at you. Uh oh. Now you’re up against gunk-made beasties (def not besties). It’s not time to make besties. Brawl those baddies to save this new space place.


Image & Form are the devs behind The Gunk, and they’re an indie fave at K-Zone. Why? They’re the talented team that made the SteamWorld games! They made SteamWorld Tower Defense on 3DS. Then the two SteamWorld Dig games. Plus, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech. We’re hoping to see the same kinda steam in The Gunk.

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Henry L
It looks like a really cool game can’t wait to play it!
1/9/2021 12:19:00 PM
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