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I love these mags never stop making them! - Manon H KZONE IS AWESOME - Nick shout out to people who like K-ZONE and Roblox!!!!!!!!!!!!ඞඞඞඞ - Max S Kzone is the best Never stop makeing mags Joel c👍 - Joel C We love ❤️ kzone. Shout out to everyone who plays Fortnite - Daniel W K-zone is my fav mag! - Miles i love kzone so much - Levi M I really love reading Kzone magazines!! Keep up the great work 👍 - Freddie Kzone is the best mag!!! Also has the best prizes! - Niel O Big shout out to 2J! - Zaheer
Cruis’n Blast Cheat

Cruis’n Blast Cheat

Available On: SWITCH


You’ll nab nine unlockable rides in Cruis’n Blast by scoring hidden keys. But six are scored by winning gold on different tracks! Get the Fire Truck for Storm Tour. Nab the Police Cruiser for Escape Tour. Score the Stealth Chopper for Chopper Tour. Win the Superbike for Night Tour. Earn the Triceratops for Dino Tour and gain the Unicorn for UFO Tour!

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