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FIFA 21 Cheats

FIFA 21 Cheats

Get ahead with these heady FIFA 21 tricks that’ll have you booting and heading extra netters in no time at all! Available On: SWITCH, PS4, PS5, XBO, XBSX, XBSS, PC


Dynamic Runs is a neat new feat(ure) for your footballers’ feet in FIFA 21. Press the left bumper on the controller. Then flick the right stick in the direction you want your AI teammates to dash. You can pass to an open player. Or you can use the runner as a cheeky distraction!


Get to know the players with the most speed: the ones with at least 90 pace. These are the players who’ll net you the most netters. If you want to test out a full pace attack, tweak player stats in the Settings Menu all the way up to 99 percent. Swing up the wing. Or zip through the centre. Now scooore!


Tap or hold the shoot button when you’re running right at the goal. On the edge of the box, use right bumper + shoot with tonnes of power. Or use left bumper + shoot to lob it over a rushing keeper’s noggin. Alternatively, use left and right bumper + shoot to drill the ball low when inside the box.


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