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Game Ninja: Luigi's Mansion 3 (King Boo)

Game Ninja: Luigi's Mansion 3 (King Boo)

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Hi Game Ninja,

Where is King Boo in Luigi’s Mansion 3 and how do you defeat him?

Isaac, via email


Game Ninja Says

King Boo is the final boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3, who you’ll battle after you save Mario on floor 15. To beat Boo, stand on the unlit tiles during lighting wave attacks. Avoid the fireballs. Keep moving to dodge being tongue squished, then jump or move under the tongue. Then watch the shadows of King Boo and the clones to avoid being squashed. Between all this, throw the unexploded bombs at King Boo. To avoid bombing the clones, King Boo always moves clockwise, so target that one.


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Charlie C
Also the real one has teeth or something
17/6/2021 9:30:33 PM
Sara M
thank you
14/6/2021 6:19:22 AM
Which is the best sandbox game?
No Man's Sky