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Game Ninja: Sparklite

Game Ninja: Sparklite

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Hey Game Ninja,

What’s the best way to get more Sparklite money in Sparklite?

Brett, via email


Game Ninja Says

Explore, explore, explore! Smash the glowing mutated bulbs on trees to nab Sparklite. Remember, Sparklite randomises parts of the map after you die. But the core collectables will shift zones. So you can still find them once you respawn. You really want to sniff out the temple with the Boom Balloon early on. Nab the Boom Balloon and you’re ready to mine. Use its explosiveness on any rock with gold patches to score Sparklite (or sniff out a secret cave).


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Harry G
How do you get the secret mission dungeon in Mincraft dungeons ???
16/10/2020 7:29:14 PM
Hi game ninja I am having a hard time getting a five star island in animal crossing do you have any advice?
28/9/2020 5:45:46 PM
Who is your fave?