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Kipo Catch Up: Meet Sydney Mikayla

Kipo Catch Up: Meet Sydney Mikayla

Sydney Mikayla is the voice of Wolf in Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, streaming now on Netflix!

KZ: Hi Sydney! Can you share any behind the scenes secrets from Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts?

S: Wolf is going to have a spinoff movie! That’s totally not true, but if I say it enough, it will probably happen, right?

KZ: Fingers crossed! What would you consider Wolf’s greatest strength?

S: Besides being an awesome fighter, Wolf is an amazing team leader and friend.

KZ: There are so many groups of mutes in the show; Mod Frogs, Dubstep Bees, Fitness Raccoons, Scooter Skunks, Newton Wolves, Chevre Sisters, TheaOtters, Umlaut Snakes, Timbercats, Narwhals and more. Which group would you fit into?

S: I would say I’m most like the Fitness Raccoons. I love a good workout and to get my fitness in!

KZ: Choose your battle: three Mega Bunnies, or 30 mini Deathstalkers!

S: Three Mega Bunnies! I might be able to hop on their backs and ride!

KZ: If you had to be transformed into the style of any animation in the real world, what would you choose?

S: I would choose the clay animation style. I would want to see if that style would make me move differently.

KZ: Kipo wears the same outfit for a long time in the show, which is common for animated characters. If you had to wear the same outfit all the time like a cartoon character, what would you wear?

S: Sweats, a graphic tee, and Air Force 1’s… Comfy and casual.

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