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Mario Kart 8 News

Mario Kart 8 News

Top 5 reasons this game rocks!

Here's K-Zone's Top 5 Reasons why racer game Mario Kart 8 is awesome!

  1. In every Mario Kart since ever, there’s always a Rainbow Road course. This version has TWO!
  2. The Koopalings have some of the best karts, AND they’re playable. Yep, Iggy, Larry, Lemmy, Ludwig, Morton, Roy and Wendy. That’s a first!
  3. Three words – Bowser’s. Quad. Bike.
  4. The karts are anti-gravity, which means they can be fully driven upside down. Whaaaaaaat?
  5. Series faves hang-gliders, underwater racing and motorbikes are all back, and better than evz! Serious.

Picture: Why Mario Kart 8 Rules - K-Zone's Top 5 List

Are you planning on playing Mario Kart 8? What are YOU psyched about?

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