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Meet The LEGOLAND Master Model Builder

Meet The LEGOLAND Master Model Builder

Kieran Jiwa is the Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Melbourne!

KZ: Hi Kieran! What was your favourite build that you have made in your spare time?

K: I love animals, I’ve made a whole bunch of different ones at home.

KZ: What is your favourite old school LEGO set, and your favourite ‘new school’ set?

K: LEGO used to make lots of awesome LEGO castles. One of my favourites was the Vladek’s Dark Fortress set (number 8877). More recently, there have been some cool pirates sets, like Pirates of Barracuda Bay (number 21322).

KZ: Have you learned anything new or surprising while in this role?

K: Sometimes I give out free stuff to kids. If you have a brother or sister, I have to give out the exact same thing to them, or there will be a fight!

KZ: Do you have any hobbies or talents that would surprise K-Zoners?

K: I have a brand-new fish tank! At the moment, the only thing living in the tank is a Golden Mystery Snail called Crunch.

KZ: Have you played any of the LEGO videogames?

K: I love LEGO Batman, all of the heroes and villains have awesome new powers to discover. My old copy on the computer had a glitch where you couldn’t beat the second last boss, so I never completed it!

Read more of Kieran's interview in the June 2021 issue of K-Zone, on sale now


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Suzanne’s is lego master build of iron men.
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