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Meet Top Pops, Mega Collector and YouTuber

Meet Top Pops, Mega Collector and YouTuber

Tristan, AKA Top Pops, has over 2000 Funko items in his collection! His YouTube channel is all about epic items, so we asked him the big questions about his mega collection! Read more of our interview with Top Pops in the September issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

KZ: Hey Tristan! What are your top three favourite Funko products?

T: 1. Funko Pop! Vinyl 2. Funko Soda Figures 3. Funko PEZ

KZ: What was your first Funko item?

T: My first Funko item was actually a Star Wars Wacky Wobbler. For a while we collected a bunch of those as we really liked the Star Wars movies. We would go on vacation to Cape Cod and buy them at a couple of cool stores they had there in Hyannis. 

KZ: What would someone have to pay or trade before you would consider losing your collection?

T: I guess I would trade it for a Tesla Model X.

KZ: If a fan saw you on the street, what three things that you commonly say in videos do you think they would be most likely to quote?

T: “So let’s get started”, “Thanks for watching!” or “Popsters”.

KZ: Are you excited about any new Funko releases?

T: The Pixar Alien Remix Pops. Those are really cool because they take the toy aliens from the claw machine in Toy Story and put them in costumes to look like Pixar characters, like Sulley, Bullseye, Buzz Lightyear and WALL-E.

KZ: What was your first Pop! Chase?

T: The Batman (Metallic) Chase. I found it at my local Target, just sitting on the shelf!

KZ: What is your favourite Pocket Pop! in your collection?

T: Colonel Sanders!

KZ: What is your favourite 10” Pop! in your collection?

T: The Gold Indiana Jones. I also have a 9” Buzz Lightyear (Metallic) that my Grandpa gave me for Christmas many years ago, which is my all-time favourite Pop! 

KZ: Is there a character that you would like Funko to add to their range?

T: Make the characters from The Amazing World of Gumball.

KZ: Do you collect any other items?

T: Hot Wheels cars, YouTooz figures, PEZ dispensers, and Pokémon cards. 

KZ: What is the most difficult type of video to film for your channel?

T: Usually when I am on location at stores or malls. Some places are happy to allow people to film, but other stores do not allow it. That is a challenge, to get the footage I need. 

KZ: Can you share a behind the scenes secret?

T: Every video is filmed the night before it is uploaded. This is to provide the most current information that we can. The only exception to this is on Christmas morning. We do that filming in the morning as we open our gifts and then edit and upload it as quickly as we can. 

KZ: Do you have any unusual skills or hobbies that would surprise fans?

T: I can play the piano and I have a black belt in karate. I am currently studying at the Toronto Film School for online video production. 

Read more of our interview with Tristan, AKA Top Pops, in the September issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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Fletcher D
I have a Darth Vader pop!
13/9/2020 6:39:09 AM
Sean M
I love pop figures and i have seen a couple of the Top Pop videos. Lucky find on the shelf, just having a chase lying there.
21/8/2020 6:05:38 PM
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