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Minecraft Dungeons: A-Z Guide

Minecraft Dungeons: A-Z Guide

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Arch-Illager: Your quest in this action RPG is to defeat this villain!

Big Boss: The Redstone Monstrosity is 10 times bigger than us!

Creeper Woods: Where you begin your adventure!

Dungeon Crawler Games: The inspiration for Minecraft Dungeons!

Enderman: A familiar character you’ll encounter. This time around, he’s got major rage issues! Hang around the Enderman for too long and his eyes will glow bright purple before he screeches and become hostile!

Fox Armor: A unique item that is helpful for healing. It was created by Ancient Villager tribes to honour the fox, which they saw as a great and agile warrior.

Great Hammer: A common tool that can be used in forging or battle.

Hero: A team member can help revive you if you’re playing co-op. You only lose a life when everyone on the team dies, so work together!

Illagers: Introduced to Minecraft in 2016, but these creatures actually started out in the Minecraft Dungeons development room! Then it was decided to add them to the OG game!

Jump: Try to jump while using the Feather if you have one – it will knock enemies away as you land!

Key Golem: A cute character that will get you through locked doors, but it also runs away from players!

Loot: You’ll get a melee and a ranged weapon to carry with you at all times. You can level up your weapons using Enchantments, which can be activated as you build up your XP!

Multiplayer: You can play up to four players, and the number of players affects your level of difficulty.

Nightmare's Bite: A unique weapon! Twin blades that drip with deadly venom!

Origins: Minecraft Dungeons was originally planned to be a game for Nintendo 3DS!

Piggybanks: Pigs with treasure chests on their backs! Try to catch them!

Quiver: One of the weapons you can get. The flaming quiver is filled with the deadliest arrows!

Randomisation: Randomised mobs, treasures and enchantments means that every time you play Minecraft Dungeons, you will experience something new!

Skeleton Vanguard: One of the new mobs!

Totem of Shielding: This item has mystical powers! It will produce a cool bubble-like artifact that can block you from incoming damage!

Unlock: Solve puzzles that appear to gain treasures!

Valorie: This is one of the four main playable characters! The others are Hex, Hedwig and Hal!

Whispering Spear + Swirling: A deadly and graceful combo, where you harness the power of wind and blow away your enemies!

Xbox One: This game is available on this and so many other platforms, including PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC!

You: The armour, artifacts and weapons you wear become your character. There are no character classes in this game. Need a certain ability? Switch out a piece of your gear!

Zombies: One of the familiar mobs from Minecraft that have made it into this new game.

Are you playing Minecraft Dungeons? Would you replace a letter in this list with something different? Let us know in the comments below!


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