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Minecraft Dungeons Cheats

Minecraft Dungeons Cheats

As you play to level up in Minecraft Dungeons there are ways to up the number of levels you can play! Available ON: Xbox One, PC, PS4, Switch


Playing the game normally nets nice XP gains. But you can speed up the process. Find a place with one or two Mob Spawners, like Redstone Mines. Slash, spell and shoot your way through the Mobs. But don’t touch the Mob Spawners. Leave them be and they’ll keep throwing Mobs at you!


10 main levels in Minecraft Dungeons may not seem like a lot, but there are a handful of handy secret levels to sniff out, too! Dig up Creepy Crypt in Creeper Woods. Search for Soggy Cave in Soggy Swamp. Attack Arch Haven in Pumpkin Pastures. Then Unearth Underhalls in Highblock Halls.


There’s another secret level in Minecraft Dungeons. First, finish the game and track down the nine hidden runes. Back at camp, head over the drawbridge then trek to north-east. Jump on the piston pads. Head south through the trees. Follow the path at the Nether Portal to a drawbridge. Inside, nab the map to unlock the level!


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