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Minecraft Movie Updates

Minecraft Movie Updates

What’s going on with the new movie!

It’s been a while since we first heard that Minecraft is gonna be turned into a movie! We’ve heard heaps of Minecraft movie rumours, but now there are some awesome new updates for us to get excited about!

1. Roy Lee will be heading the project. He’s totally worked on other cool movies like The LEGO Movie and How To Train Your Dragon.

2. Lee announced that the movie is now in the scripting stages. Plus they’re working on cool visuals so that they know what the world will look like!

3. Apparently they’re gonna be aiming to please the same people who loved Jurassic World! We hope that means heaps of funny jokes, and maybe even some Minecraft velociraptors!

What do you think will be in the Minecraft movie, K-Zoners? Tell us in the comments below!


tresgamer t
Probably just Steve and Alex! Or DANTDM??? ?:
21/6/2020 1:57:33 PM
dantdm nad steve
8/9/2017 10:01:56 PM
I luv minecraft,so I can't say I won't luv the movie. I wonder when the trailer comes out
4/9/2017 9:52:27 AM
I think Steve will go on a journey to fight the enderdragon
18/3/2017 9:49:07 AM
I'm so exited! I can't wait for the trailer to come out!
5/7/2016 11:35:47 PM
Destroy the enter dragon!!!!!!!!!!
15/4/2016 8:45:46 PM
i can't wait! i wonder when the release date is
17/3/2016 5:30:08 AM
There are no good videogame movies out there. We can only hope this might be decent.
16/3/2016 7:19:51 AM
I reckon there will definitely be creepers!
11/3/2016 5:39:19 AM
Which cartoon is best?
Teen Titans Go!
Steven Universe