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Must Play Indie Games

Must Play Indie Games

Indie bands are all about rocking out toe-tapping jams, but these indie games take finger-tapping to all new levels!


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a rad island destination. But it’s not the only groovy getaway. Garden Story (out this year) tasks you with taming a task-stuffed island. Make friends with fruit (no, really). Battle rascally rot. Then make yourself right at home. Or dive into the mysteries and gameplay freedom of The Touryst!


Mario may be king of jump jives. But there are other cool contenders for the crown. Like, the upcoming Hollow Knight: Silksong, sequel to the legendary Hollow Knight. The sequel’s stuffed with epic action. New powers. And bog-loads of bugs and beasts. Or find yourself tryin’ the co-op coolness of the original Trine trilogy in Trine: Ultimate Collection!


Minecraft is the main mate when it comes to mining and crafting. But there are other crafty competitors. Like, K-Zone fave Terraria and its epic Journey’s End DLC. Speaking of the end, def dive into the deep end of the seductive survival of Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero. Aqua main your way to aqua-manning sweet submerged stations!


Overcooked and Moving Out are two of our fave and funnest multiplayer party pals. But there are others! Like, the legendary revving of Rocket League. Or the mad mini-golf mayhem of Golf With Your Friends. Plus, crack puzzles with pals in Death Squared.


So you’ve finished your training with Monster Train. Now get ready to play with fire in Slay the Spire. Well, fire and a whole lot of other magical powers! Build an epic deck to floor flawed bad dudes. Or let off some steam in dastardly deck-builder SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech.


Two Point Hospital lets you build funny-bone-tickling hospitals. Plus, Planet Zoo is all about building meme-worthy theme parks. Now take the bonkers builds to new scream-worthy heights with Planet Coaster: Console Edition. Convert theme park to dream park with plenty of rides. Or get lost in the building and battling of far-beyond-satisfactory factory-builder Satisfactory.

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