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OlliOlli World Intro

OlliOlli World Intro

Get your jolly-jollies by popping ollie-ollies and other top-tier tricks in the high-speed skating safaris of OlliOlli World! Available Soon On: PC, PS4, PS5, SWITCH, XBO, XSX/S

Hear, hear. Get some air, air. Where, where? Here, here in OlliOlli World! It’s time to get on board with ’boarding through an action-packed universal. Forget about skateparks. In OlliOlli World, the world is your skatepark. Flip on board. Grind across massive gaps. Zip through multiple paths. And defy gravity by tearing up wall rides. It’s all about riding your way. So spice up how your character looks. Skate in thongs while wearing a bumblebee onesie. Plus, tweak your tricks. There are 100+ moves to master in your ’board battle for the bestest score. This isn’t just for skilled skaters. The EZ controls let skateboard noobs tear up the tubes, too. It’s all about getting in the flow of combo-ing slick tricks together with the joysticks. Bump into crazy characters. Plus, stacks of side quests (hopefully without skateboard stacks). There are millions of levels in sandbox mode. So this sweet skateboard sim doesn’t get stale!


Roll into developer Roll7’s bouncing back catalogue of games to prep yourself for OlliOlli World. For (kick)starters, there’s the orig OlliOlli. Good golly, it’s still gold. Plus, skate into the mega-air potential of OlliOlli 2. Bored of ’boarding? Test your reflexes in the cool couch competitive play of the futuristic Laser League!

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