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To the amazing people at k-zone - Thanks for you awesome work every day. - Jeremy B Kzone is the best the comics are amazing - Freddie THIS IS EPIC - Nicholas H I like the cheat codes this place is nice - Eman KZone is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Summer H K-zone is awesome, September's issue had Spiderman in it ✌️ - Jace S Shout-out to my little sister, Iris! - Finlay hi! - BT shoutout to 3d all stars for not only being my 3 "childhood" games but being on the newest nintendo console for all the younger kids to enjoy and even adults - koby h PLEASE MAKE MORE MINECRAFT STUFF. ALSO DO ROCKET LEAGUE PLS. - ACTIONBOY
Playing Now: BurgerTime Party!

Playing Now: BurgerTime Party!

Crank up the heat on this sizzling burger-and-hotdog-building platformer that’s deliciously easy to learn, but devilishly tricky to master! Available On: Switch

Games that are too EZ can feel like a fizzle. But BurgerTime Party! turns up the sizzle with steadily stacking challenges. The basics of chef school teach you the importance of controlling Peter Pepper through pots, pans and platforming. But really, it’s all about that last p-word. Platforming. Dash over an ingredient. And it drops a level. Drop the ingredients in order to score points. You’ll be stacking the gold-star level ratings in no time. Then things get a whole lot spicier. Suddenly angry ingredients are piling out of the bin to get in your way. Hot-headed hotdogs follow your every move. Prickly pickles move in tricky, trashy patterns. And not-so-eggcellent crackpot eggs shuffle in unpredictable ways. Good thing you can squish the Pepper-sized food waste with the giant food items you’re using to build burgers and hotdogs. Co-op cooking is also fine dining. And so is a cook-off for up to four chefs in Battle Burger!


The key to stacking up big scores is dropping your top ingredients loaded with enemies. This means leading them to an ingredient. Loading it up. Then dropping it. Their extra weight has the bonus of carrying ingredients through multiple floors. Try to start with the top ingredient for the best results!

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