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Playing Now: Cruis’n Blast

Playing Now: Cruis’n Blast

Cruis’n Blast is a blast from the past that lets you steer rad rides from prehistoric pals through to road-rashing racers! Available On: SWITCH


We love a simple game name that says it all. Like, Cruis’n Blast. Cruise in a tricked-out garage of rad rides. And blast into full speed as you blast past (or through) other racers. EZ! Race alone or against three other mates in side-splitting splitscreen. It’s kinda like Mario Kart. But crazier. First, pick your cool car. Like, an F1 full-speedster. A hard-out Hummer. Or a fast-and-furious street racer. But you can totes make it weirder. Hop into a hovercraft. Chew up tracks in a chopper. Or unleash in a UFO. Still not weird enough? Tame tracks as a triceratops. Break away from uniform as a unicorn. Or hammer ahead as a hammerhead shark! There are 23 regular and wacky rides to jump into on 29 larger-than-life tracks. Chase the chequered flag while battling wild weather. Cop-car chases. And even full-blown, full-throttle alien invasions. Power up to top speed as you nab power-ups to give you an edge.

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