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Yo K-zone you're the best - Carter I love your issues! - Finn H Big thanks to k-zone for being the coolest. - Axl hello! - Lucas O Thank you K-zone, you guys rock. I just found out I won the Grit scooter, too cool.😁 thank you thank you - Jeremy B XD :) - Rory I haven’t won yet😓 - Mia I really wanna win the skater XL game in this months mag... how awesome is K-Zone - dylan b Kzone is aaawwweeessooommee - Myles D Shout out to my best friends Brad and Harley. My superhero parents and my awesome 100% amazing sister Lily! - Devin
Playing Now: F1 2019

Playing Now: F1 2019

No chemistry class or kit is required to distill and bottle the furiously fast fun of this Formula One follow-up! Available On: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Strap in. You’re about to drive some of the freakishly fastest cars in the world. But before you do that. Slap on some F2 training wheels. Yes, F1 2019 ultimately wants you to tear up the track in F1 cars. But start off in the all-new F2 cars to learn the racing ropes. They’re smaller. Have less grunt. And are EZier drives. Get a feel for when these beasts slip vs when they grip and rip revs. These F2s are number twos for a reason. F1 is the number-one highest-speed fun! Tweak the menu assists to shift between arcade awesome and racing realism. Then get lost in the full-throttle fun of official F1 World Championships. Or steer off for a Grand Prix weekend pit stop if a single race is more your pace. Keep those tricky AI racers in the rear-view. They’ll offer a smidge of breathing space. Then pounce on any chance to overtake.


This trick applies to pretty much every racing game. But it’s so important for avoiding smashing your ride in F1 2019. Slow down for the corners. But smash down the accelerator on the way out! The timing takes practice. But you’ll have fewer spins and more wins once you master it.

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