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Playing Now: GRID Autosport

Playing Now: GRID Autosport

You oughta know that this auto show ain’t no turtle-paced race! Available On: Switch, Android, iOS, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

We’ve raced on Switch before. Mario 8 Deluxe’s cool karting. Fast RMX’s sweet sci-fi circuits. And switching gears in Gear.Club Unlimited. For a taste of IRL racing on Switch, get on the track with GRID Autosport. The Switch is already like a racing wheel, so speeding in handheld mode is sure to feel rad. Before chasing the pole position, you’ll wanna spend some time in the garage. Customise your controls for ultimate speeding comfort. And tune the difficulty to match your digi driving skills. There are 100 high-speed cars to cram into your garage. And 100 tracks to test drive on, then race to pole position! Plus, there’s a boot-load of different ways to race. Beat the pack in Touring. Test your night-time driving skills in Endurance. Or smash and bash other cars in Destruction Derby events. Done all that? Test your high-speed reactions by taking career mode for a spin to conquer tracks all over the globe.


GRID Autosport originally sped onto tracks yeaaars ago for PS3 and Xbox 360. So why is it here?! Coz it’s finally racing onto Nintendo Switch. Even without numbers in its name, GRID Autosport is the ninth game in the racing series. The eight speedsters before it helped zip this racer into a fine-tuned beast.

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