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Playing Now: Hot Wheels Unleashed

Playing Now: Hot Wheels Unleashed

Get those fast-and-furious feels when you jump into Hot Wheels and tear up tiny tracks in the coolest rides in town! Available On: PS4, SWITCH, PC, XBO, PS5, XSX/S

We’re super used to digitally racing inside IRL cars. But Hot Wheels Unleashed lets you keep those big racing expectations. And shrinks the rides to tiny toy sizes! Collect a cool cast of diecast cars that each have their own larger-than-toy personalities. Like, say, “Roger that”, to the Rodger Dodger. Or avoid the spills in a Twin Mill. There ain’t no draggin’ in the Dragon Blaster. If dragon chasses and fire-spewing exhausts aren’t your thing. Totes cool. Build your own hot speedster. Your next rad ride isn’t the only buildable bit in Hot Wheels Unleashed. Snap custom tracks together in the Track Editor. Mishmash track pieces with everyday items. Like, make a loop over a table. Or a corner that curves past a full-sized car. Stack up these tracks in a rundown garage. Conquer tricky trap-filled tracks alone. Or sniff out the sneakiest shortcuts in splitscreen against your mates.


Hot Wheels Unleashed may be a game all about speedster toy cars. But the drive-hard devs slow to start when it comes to their full-sized, full-throttle racing game street cred. These rad racers are also the master mechanics of the Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame series. Plus, Ride 4, MotoGP 21 and Gravel!

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