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Playing Now: Investigating Gooigi

Playing Now: Investigating Gooigi

Who is the new trickster from Luigi's latest adventure, Luigi's Mansion 3? Available On: Nintendo Switch


What exactly is this snot coloured character that looks like Luigi? Is it a doppelganger? Is it a ghost? No, it’s just special energy that was accidentally created by Professor E. Gadd. He was experimenting in his lab and accidentally spilt an entire cup of coffee into a vial of ghost energy! The two reacted and produced an element that the scientist named “Goo”. To help train Goo to chase ghosts, Professor E. Gadd realised that it would need to take a human form and made it look like Luigi. Goo + Luigi = Gooigi!


It may look like Luigi and mimic Luigi, but Gooigi is able to do things that Luigi can't thanks to its goo properties. Gooigi has the ability to slip between tight spaces such as grates, fences, bars, drain pipes and cracks in the wall. It can also walk over spikes. These skills are perfect for dodging booby traps! Gooigi does have weaknesses though – water and fire causes it to melt. It also can’t open doors or turn knobs, but can open drawers! When Gooigi isn’t active, it chills out inside in Luigi’s Poltergust G-00.


Look closely and you’ll see that Gooigi has a ‘G’ on its hat instead of Luigi’s ‘L’!


Are you convinced that you’ve crossed paths with this new character before Luigi’s Mansion 3? Your mind is not playing tricks on you – Gooigi first appeared in the 3DS remastered version of Luigi's Mansion! Gooigi is actually a time traveller – Professor E. Gadd sent him back in time to study Luigi collecting ghosts. While they were working on the game, the Luigi’s Mansion 3 team knew that they wanted Gooigi to be playable in co-op mode, so they sneakily dropped the character into the remastered game as a tease!


In this new game if you’re playing in multiplayer mode, you’re in for a treat during the ScreamPark party mode. Spoiler alert: it’s Team Luigi versus Team Gooigi and different coloured Gooigis will appear if you choose Team Gooigi in the battle to collect ghosts! During this year’s E3, producer Kensuke Tanabe teased that there could be a Gooigi only spin off featuring the different coloured versions. We are so here for that!


Gooigi may be the exciting new star of Luigi's Mansion 3, but that doesn't mean we love scaredy cat Luigi any less. Thanks to his brand new Poltergust G-00, he’s got some pretty rad tricks up his sleeve like his Slam and Suction Burst abilities. During single player mode you’ll find yourself jumping between the two characters to complete challenges because they each have their own set of skills.

Are you playing Luigi's Mansion 3? Let us know in the comments below!


Johnny B
We can't find the ghost that looks like the maid. She is meant to be in the bedrrom. We have looked everywhere, can anyone help?
22/4/2020 7:52:40 PM
Cody L
Gooigi! So Cool
21/4/2020 7:01:33 PM
Jordan N
I love Luigi's Mansion 3! It's awesome!!
10/2/2020 4:41:18 PM
Jordan N
I love Luigi's Mansion 3! It's awesome!!
10/2/2020 4:41:18 PM
Jordan N
I love Luigi's Mansion 3! It's awesome!!
10/2/2020 4:41:18 PM
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