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Playing Now: Just Dance 2021

Playing Now: Just Dance 2021

This may be the only game whose name tells you exactly how to play. Prep those twinkle toes and do what the game name says! Available On: Switch, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSS/XSX

Prepping for 2020 vision is so last year. 2021 is clearly gonna be all about sweet song sounds. So your decision for this new dance incision should be to bust out masterful moves with incredible precision. Or poorly. Either way, Just Dance 2021 is fully fun. Crank up the volume as you get your groove on to 40 of the hottest chart-topping, show-stopping butt-shakers going around. Defo start now with Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’. Get your lips la-la-ing as you sing along to the easy moves of ‘Señorita’. Plus, Tones and I (and we) reckon you’ll go bananas to the boogie-inducing beats of ‘Dance Monkey’. We also love to lunge to cool co-op mode. Now follow these chants to groove enhance. First, pop a wide stance. Then grab a buddy (or five) for bants. Set the groove to enhance. Time to advance! Screen glance. Now, proper prance. Massive score expanse. Every chance. Just dance.


So many games need one controller per player. Not Just Dance 2021. Borrow a smartphone (or few) to start your own lounge room dance party! Up to six peeps can yeet their feet with a smartphone in hand. All you need is the Just Controller app for Android or iOS. Now you’re ready for body-rockin’!

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I sometimes play just dance. I’m really bad. X X X X Constantly
29/4/2021 1:22:17 AM
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