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kzone is so awesome. - dylan b i love your mags and can you please make a kzone mag about amoung us - declan F I am buy a k-zone book right now - cody Shout to all the k-zoners in this world 🌍 - Charlie w K-zone is da best! Keep going K-zone! - Henry l Hi K-zone whats up - Cameron D To My amazing teacher Miss Fahey - Joshua R I love your mags so much - Ryan H K-zone is awesome! You guys talk about the best games and have the best puzzles!!! - jack You have the greatest stuff in the whole UNIVERSE!!!!! Thanks K-Zone you’re the best! - Alan J
Playing Now: KartRider Rush+

Playing Now: KartRider Rush+

Pull off sweet sideways skiddies then boost up the middies of the torn-up track to sneak out a photo-finish win in KartRider Rush+! Available On: Android, iOS

There’s an art to making a kart racer that roars at top speed rather than sounding like a fart. KartRider Rush+ is def a soarer, not a snorer. Like, Story Mode won’t have you drifting off to sleep. But you will be drifting your way through tyre-skidding corners. Your top-gear goal is chasing down Turbo Crystals through 16 unlockable worlds. And each new racing location is packed with top-tier tracks. Get used to pushing your kart sideways through corners. Skid enough to rev the Nitro Bar from no-boost empty to full-speed gold and ready to fly. Tap Quick Boost for a top-speed push. Then save your pedal-to-the-meta  Nitro to tear up tracks on the straights. Once you’ve mastered drifting, boost into corners! This is trickier to control. But it’s natch an ace way to snatch the top spot. Feeling fast? Put your full-throttle, tyre-tearing skills to the test in top-speed Time Trial.


Once you’ve zipped through the compulsory kart training, drift back for more! You can jump straight into the story, but you should speed back to the Training Camp. It teaches you some more of the crucial basics. Plus, the Training Camp gives you a breakdown of the advanced skills that help make winning easier.

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