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Shout out to my friend Nicole who loves K zone. - Cody HELLO, HELLO, HELLO! K-Zone is awesome and I looove it! - Taj Shoutout to my friend Nicole she is a fan of k zone - Cody T Shout out to my big sister Maddy and can you please do more Spiderman and teen Titans you guys are the best K zone rocks you’re the GOAT(Greatest of all time)- your No.1 fan Austin - AUSTIN I am new to K-zone and I already love it !! Hey K-zoners !! - Anthony N x -mass is comin' up guys! - Leo L cool - Leo d So cool k-zone😉 - Dev N K-Zone is awesome 😎 - Eli B Shout out to all the Fortnite fans! - Gregor L
Playing Now: Kirby Fighters 2

Playing Now: Kirby Fighters 2

Kirby Fighters 2 is a brawler that we reckon all of ya will get a kick out of (we sure did)! Available On: Switch

Kirby is one of the bros who ultimately smashes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Now this ultimate smashing bro has a brotherly spin-off in Kirby Fighters 2. It totes plays like Smash, but it’s all about Kirbys smashing other Kirbys. That’s a lot of Kirbys on screen at once, especially coz you can do awesome foursome battles. So, how do you tell Kirbys apart? The pink puffs are defined by their crazy-cool Copy Abilities. Like, a tricky Yo-Yo Kirby. Or a Hawkeye-like Archer Kirby. Plus, you don’t have to brawl for long to score the all-new rad Wrestler Kirby. Unlock them all just by being the bestest brawler to score stacks of fighter points. We love how easy it is to pick up and play Kirby Fighters 2. Tell your mates coz you can play the tower-scaling Story Mode in co-op with a buddy. Or blistering bouts in Battle Mode. Been ghosted in multi? Land a hit on a Kirby to respawn!


There’s a sneaky training mode tucked away in the menu. Visit it whenever you unlock new Kirbys. On the main screen, don’t wait to shift down to that barbell weight icon. Pick your newly unlocked Kirby. Now test out their fighting skills in no-pressure training. Hit plus to see their full moves list!

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