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Playing Now: Little Town Hero

Playing Now: Little Town Hero

We hear there’s a little town in Little Town Hero that’s in need of a hero just like you to save the day! Available On: Switch

As it turns out, the Pokémon devs’ Town was the working middle-name title of Little Town Hero. This all-new RPG adventure takes you to the edge of the world. There’s an edgy village there, protected by a towering castle. Things are looking down for these frowny townies. They’re not allowed to leave! And trouble-making Monsters have started invading. Playing as curious hero Axe, you’ll sharpen your skills by chopping these oversized oafs down to size. Axe is able to fell fee-fi-foes because of a mysterious red stone he dug up in a coalmine. The story has stacks of sweet secrets that explore where the secret stone came from. Plus, why monsters are mysteriously tearing up this town. You’re free to fight them without worrying about levels. Coz Little Town Hero ain’t your average RPG. IQ means more than XP with good strats beating these dirty rats when it comes down to throwing down around town.


Besting monsters in Little Town Hero is all about using your noggin. But using your smarts doesn’t mean going it alone! During a fight, bring up the town map and scan around for nearby neighbours. Then get them to help you out with your next biffy in a jiffy!

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