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Wow, in this edition of kzone, the Star Wars comic is truly awesome. Well done team k-zone👍👍 - Jeremy B Sup guys - Joshua R thanks for the epic mags + awesome anime/manga prizes up grabs - Lucas Z Can I pleaseeeee be in your mags for a shout out!!!👍 - Eran i love k zone and among us - kelly Hey K Zone love the magazine and love video games.🎮🎮 - Solomon awsome bro - willow l K zone is the best - Eran i won a scooter cool - Bailey H A shoutout all the way from the Philippines, I hope y'all come back here! - Clarence
Playing Now: Microsoft Flight Simulator

Playing Now: Microsoft Flight Simulator

Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superman. No, wait. It’s definitely a whole fleet of Microsoft Flight Simulator planes! Available On: PC, Xbox One

We’re used to flying down straights modelled on IRL tracks in high-speed racing games. But Microsoft Flight Simulator takes that IRL feats to all-new heights. Like, 38,000-feet high! Pop on your aviator sunnies. And get ready to soar without the soreness of actual plane seats. You can (and should) totes jump into the training for the flight equivalent of training wheels. It’ll teach you everything you need to know to score your digital wings. What next? You can tackle regularly updated challenges like tricky landings. Or fly away from the city and tame tough Bush Trips. But we love the World Map. Set a legendary landmark or nearby airport as your arrival destination. Then fly by your home. Your school. Your mates’ homes. Or under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Take a trek across the ditch to see where they shot The Lord of the Rings. Or visit big final battle location from The Avengers in New York City.


Microsoft Flight Simulator is the closest thing to flying an IRL plane. If you want it to be. For fun flights over the fully accurate globe, switch on all the assists. The game will activate a cool co-pilot to take care of the tricky stuff. That just leaves you to steer the basics and take in the view!

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