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Playing Now: Monster Jam Steel Titans

Playing Now: Monster Jam Steel Titans

Monster Jam’s high-octane, monster-truck racing is tastier than your fave breakfast spread! Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Thanos is one tough titan for the Avengers to beat. And he’d be even tougher if he was driving a monster truck! Okay, so Monster Jam Steel Titans may not feat. that particular titan in a titan. But it sports some mean machines. Big means it’s easy to crush other cars in your way. Or it’s trickier to put your truck on its roof. But big doesn’t mean slower. Climb into the high chair of one of 25 massive monster trucks. Spend a semester (or two) at the Monster Jam University. Then you’re ready for monster races. Stadium match-ups with a roaring crowd. Or smashtastic destruction derbies. Don’t forget the massive air. And the amazing stunts (our fave). Slide these big four-wheelers onto two wheels. Or land a jump sideways and bounce back to four-wheel drive. Skid into a moonwalk. Then spin around like a motorised tornado. And definitely pull off at least one epic back-flip.


Monster Jam Steel Titans boasts total destruction. Translation: you can completely smash your car. Banged-up cars drive differently. And they look way less shiny. It also means you can (and totes should) smash through stuff in the way. Fences. Other parts of the track. Oh, and other trucks that get in your way, course!

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4/12/2019 5:53:34 PM
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