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Playing Now: Moving Out

Playing Now: Moving Out

If you can’t take the heat of Overcooked, move from the kitchen to moving everything in the house in Moving Out! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android, iOS

Moving Out is all about heading hereabouts or thereabouts. Then being fully devout at shifting everything not nailed down in homes, across roads, and even in outer space… or whatever’s scattered throughout. Hey, no need to pout or shout. It’s not a bout. Your beansprout Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician (F.A.R.T. for shortsies, LOL) has the clout to flout the clock and score gold medals, without a doubt! Have a scout to see what needs to be shifted out. Paired up with a layabout? Give ’em a stout slap on the snout to sort ’em out. This’ll make the knockabout drop the wares, now you can sprout. Chuck the stuff in the back of your moving truck runabout. And that’s roundabout the time you should sprint back to the moving-items walkabout. Now you’re proving the best moving is soothing. The fun factor is improving as you’re removing items once unmoving. Solo grooving? We’re approving. But up to four-player co-op, now that’s earthmoving.


Throw everything. Seriously! If you’re playing solo, you can toss everything (even normally heavy stuff). If you’re playing with pals, buddy up to chuck the heavier items. The fastest way to clean house is to chuck everything closer to the removal truck. Near the truck? Toss everything inside to save precious seconds.

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