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I love the pranks, they are soooo fun to do - Jack G I Love K- Zone!! - Aarav I love Afl and K-Zone - Matt Shout out to all Kzoners! - Xavier G yo k-zone is ultimate mag I love it!!!! - Harry thor and spiderman are cool - levi Good job! Keep it up!!! - Joel KOOL - Lucas A hi k-zone - rowan shout out to my friends liam and kiaan! - Thomas
Playing Now: New Pokémon Snap

Playing Now: New Pokémon Snap

It only takes a snap of the fingers to totes take tonnes of peak pics of crazy-acting Poké-critters in New Pokémon Snap! Available On: SWITCH

New Pokémon Snap pits you as a Peter Parker protégé picking up pics of Poké-pals. Your jolly job on Florio Island is to go with the flow and lend a lens to the Lental Region. Professor Mirror wants you to reflect on all the wild Pokémon in the area. This place is teeming with teams of Pokémon. Snap up a research camera to snap mild-to-wild pics of wild Pokémon. And this ain’t no ordinary camera. It’s a walkie-talkie. Analyser. Scanner. And even an ID badge. Batman would be jelly! Snap pics of old Poké-pals and new fun ones inside the NEO-ONE. Think the Gyrosphere from Jurassic World, minus the Indominus Rex ‘oh-no fear’, and you’ve got the picture. You’re on rails, so there are no fails. See Pokémon? Snap Pokémon. Then collect rad ratings from your mate Mirror. EZ. Repeat circuits at night or when they’re awesomely upgraded. You’ll have a ball coz you gotta snap ’em all.


To get the raddest ratings for your Poké-pics, keep an eye out for wacky Pokémon behaviour. Snapping these moments scores huge. Plus, scan stacks. And look behind the NEO-ONE for Pokémon weirdness. The D-pad is supes handy for quick-turn pics. Listen for unique audio cues. Then scone Pokémon with Fluffruit and Illumina Orbs to trigger weirdness!

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