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Hello - Keelan I want to join in - Serena l I love Star Wars and k-zone! - Fletcher. I Love K-zone! XD - Jack G I LUV KZONE IT IS DA BESSTTTT!!! #1 mag! - Thomas I love your prizes k-zone - Boston K-Zone's pretty cool, it taught me how to do so many things, like making lemon sherbet, minecraft commands, and a ton of stuff!! :D - Kaya E K-ZONE IS THE BEST - Kennedy P My 3rd year getting kzone and it just keeps getting better - dylan b KZONE IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!! - A L
Playing Now: Pokémon Unite

Playing Now: Pokémon Unite

Pick your fave Pokémon and unite for the ultimate real-time fight to see which team can KO and score goals in Pokémon Unite! This game is for older K-Zoners! Available On: ANDROID, IOS, SWITCH

Stacks of Pokémon games let you run around and explore in real-time. But then you politely take turns during battles. Not Pokémon Unite. Like Pokkén Tournament DX, these Pokémon brawls play out in real-time with plenty of big hits. But unlike Pokkén Tournament DX, this ain’t no 1v1 brawl. Teams of five pick from a pack of Poké-pals and poke away at the other team’s defences. But first, get your training wheels on in Practice Area. Hunt down wild Pokémon for EZ KOs. Stack Aeos energy. Then shoot it at the opposition’s goal to score points. It’s like an NBA 2K game spliced with Pokémon, and we’re all about it. Thankfully, you can’t miss your shots. But you can be interrupted by pesky attacking opponents. The more wild and opponent Pokémon you knock out, the faster you evolve. Unlock new powers on the fly. Then unleash your charged Unite Move for massive damage.


Don’t get stuck on your lonesome. It’s okay to get peachy keen and push out to KO wild Pokémon. But if you’re too deep in the other team’s turf, you’ll likely be swarmed! Five players per team in Pokémon Unite means the best basic team split is two players in one lane and three in the other.

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