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Playing Now: Rainbow Billy: The Curse Of The Leviathan

Playing Now: Rainbow Billy: The Curse Of The Leviathan

Ah, of course, another curse has coursed through this once-colourful place, and it’s up to Rainbow Billy to stop the silly! Available On: PS4, PC, SWITCH, XBO

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan has a name that pretty much says it all. When you first get cracking on your adventure, you’ll notice all the colours of the rainbow (and then some). Plus, you play as Billy. But that whole ‘curse’ part is where the colour drains from poor Billy. Well, less Billy and more his colourful world. It’s Billy’s job to paint the town red. Orange. Yellow. And, y’know, every other colour that used to be there. We love that Rainbow Billy plays like a love letter to Paper Mario: Color Splash. There are so many rad places to explore in this 2.5D adventure. Investigate islands. Creep into caves. And sail the seas. Plus, there are stacks of friendly fauna to find. Befriended some buds? Better level them up! Then get stuck into plenty of puzzles. Dig up treasure. And make the most of marvellous minigames in this cracker of a quirky quest.


When you first get to an area, have a dash around and look for peeps to chat to. Psst, they’ll have pop-ups over their heads if you can chat. Sure, they have funny bants. But they also give great clues. Some of them even add handy tips to your journal!

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