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Playing Now: Slime Rancher: Deluxe Edition

Playing Now: Slime Rancher: Deluxe Edition

Round up all the diff slime types on this sci-fi ranch in Slime Rancher: Deluxe Edition! Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Maybe you’ve already tamed Slime Rancher. Perhaps this is your first time ranchin’ slime. Whether revisiting the ranch or corralling slime for the first time, Slime Rancher: Deluxe Edition is the bestest way to do it. The DE combos all the tasty core goodness with stacks of new stuff. And your handy vacuum gun is your best help on the ranch. Use it to suck up essential items and slime suckers. Vacuum backpack clogged up with slimes and stuffs? Cannon it all out! Launch slimes into pens. Remember, many pens make for happier slime friends. Then fire food noms into their greedy gullets. Leave them unfed, and those slimes get into crimes. Like, stacking high and busting out. Lob two different slimes into the same pen to make massive all-new Largo Slimes. Keep a keen eye out for slime poops, uh, plorts. These stinky nuggets can make you filthy rich! And more butt-bucks means more unlocks.


A lot of the fun of Slime Rancher is found in discovering the best way to keep your slimes happy. Early on, there’s a stack of stuff to spend your Newbucks on. But gun for the jetpack. This makes exploring heaps easier. And lugging home a full pack of slimes faster!

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