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Playing Now: Space Otter Charlie

Playing Now: Space Otter Charlie

You oughta jump into the magnetic space boots of gnarly otter Charlie in his zero-g, fully fun outta-this-world space adventure! Available On: SWITCH, PS4, PC, XBO

Space Otter Charlie is like WALL-E with cute critters instead of rad robots. The sun has turned up the heat on Earth. So humanity has rocketed away for cooler planets. Nah, not worlds that have a wealth of wicked and wild wonders. Places that are closer to ice cold! That leaves animals like otters and others to get out of the steamy system. There’s no time for pause for these paws. Charlie, Ada and Jesse are the spotter otters blasting off into outer space. Playable Charlie is less fiery than Rocket Raccoon. But he does have a fired-up jetpack. Unlike the typical 2D platformer, Space Otter Charlie is less about hugging gravity and more about free-floating zero-g. Float through stages. Jetpack thrust to change direction. Get the angle perfect to slide on slick surfaces. And combo this forward thrust for supremely satisfying platforming. There are stacks of collectables. Big-bot baddies. Plus, unbelievable upgrades.


Use your Lazor to blast absolutely everything. Obvs, it’s great for tackling tricky foes. But it’s also perf for perforating more parts. Shoot debris blocking your way. Blast floating boxes. Zap smoking grates. These lead to sweet secrets! Plus, unload on wall, floor and ceiling panels for even more buildable bits.

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