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Playing Now: Super Mario Maker 2

Playing Now: Super Mario Maker 2

Not to make a scene but Super Mario Maker 2 is kinda all about making sweet playable scenes! Available On: Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 is a combo of two of our faves. First, it’s got a 2D take on Minecraft’s build-a-bunch gameplay. Then it’s packing the awesome power of stupendous Super Mario platforming! Like Minecraft, building is a tonne of fun. We love how EZ it is to throw a stage together. Start small. Then add in cool layers of complexity. Like, maybe an Angry Sun to bring the heat. Or gusts of wind to up the challenge. (No, that wind isn’t from Mario’s butt.) Speaking of butts, there’s a buttload of baddies to shake things up. Chompy Piranha Creepers. Bullet-head Banzai Bills. And flamin’ Fire Bros. Then take your sweet stage for a spin. Too tough? Jump back into the editor and snap away some of the trickier bits. Too simple? Drop in more obstacles and baddies. Then share your fave creations with the world. And conquer the cool community creations.


Snake blocks are rad. Awesome to place. Tricky to play. Coz they can move in any direction. Easy left. Cruisy right. Tricky up. Or freefall down. Stay in the middle of the snaking platform. But be ready on that jump button! You never know when the right way up turns into the flight way down.

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