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Playing Now: TOEM

Playing Now: TOEM

If we had to pick a pic-snapping game that’s as happy-snappy as it is fully chill, we’d totes recommend TOEM!

Colour photography is all the rage these days. But while TOEM has ditched the colour for black-and-white art, it still offers a cool, colourful and chillaxed photography adventure. Take on the camera role of a budding photographer. Your gig? Fully expose the beauty of this weird and wonderful game world. Oh, snap! Bump into quirky characters. Then focus on tackling their tasks that range from totes tame to tiered and tricky. We love how you can pick up and pic at your own pace. Whenever you like, snap album-worthy shots of whatever you like in this beautifully hand-drawn place. Then trade peak pics for sweet stamps. Plus, more completed pic missions means more unlocks to add to your look. Or to buff your photography skills. Score just enough stamps to get busy bussing to the next kooky location. Or stick around to snap up every last stamp. That empty album isn’t going to awesome itself up!


TOEM is all about nabbing missions to snap fancy and fun pics. You can start to predict what future missions might hold, so get snapping! If anything looks odd or out of place, take a pic. Def photograph critters – this should help partially or fully complete missions you grab later on.

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