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Pokemon Black and White Legendary Pokemon and Secret Items

Pokemon Black and White Legendary Pokemon and Secret Items

Find this cool legendary Pokémon and get some secret items!


Think you've caught all the legendaries in Pokémon Black and White? Think again! Check out this cool legendary Pokémon and learn how to get some secret items. Be sure to leave your best Black and White tips in the comments below!




This is the only Legendary you can get through breeding! Breed a Ditto with a Manaphy at the Day Care Centre to get a Phione. You’ll have to trade or transfer a Manaphy from Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold or SoulSilver though.

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Birthday Cake

On your birthday, go to the Pokémon Musical in Nimbasa City. Talk to the owner and he’ll give you a birthday cake prop to use in musicals!

Bonus birthday gift: all the mist on Routes 14 & 15 will be gone on your birthday!

Secret Agent

Talk to the man in the suit on Route 13. He’ll give you a new rare item every day.

Extra Heart Scales

There’s a lady that gives out heart scales in Driftveil City. All you have to do is show her the specific Pokémon with the specific TM move she asks for. She asks for a different Pokémon every day.

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