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Pokemon Sun and Moon Cheats

Pokemon Sun and Moon Cheats

Find free Poké Balls and learn new throw styles!


Search these locations to find these specific Poké Balls on Ula’ula Island!

The path to The Observatory: Fast Ball (and also Heavy Ball)

Mount Hokulani: Level Ball

The Geothermal Power Plant: Lure Ball

Po Town: Smoke Ball

Talk to Samuel Oak at the Recycling Plant Exterior: Friend Ball


Learn new throw styles by beating the Trial Captains in their homes (listed below), then head to the Recycling Plant on Ula’ula Island and talk to the Poke Ball Throw Style Tutor to learn a new move.

Ilima: The house with a pool southwest of the Pokémon Center in Hau’oli City.

Lana: The house in the northwest corner of Konikoni City.

Mallow: The house south of the Pokémon Center in Konikoni City.

Are you playing Pokémon Sun or Moon? What version did you pick? Which Pokémon is your starter? What's your fave Pokémon so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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