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Splatoon 3 Intro

Splatoon 3 Intro

Paint up a pretty colourful storm in big battles with cool colours to splash around as you dash around in Splatoon 3! Available In 2022 On: Switch

We’ll take delicious dessert over a dusty desert any day. Well, except when it comes to Splatoon 3’s sweet setting! Paint us all kinds of excited. Splatsville is the colourful name for the hangout of ingenious Inklings and operative Octolings. But before you waste wasteland wanderers who wonder what whacked them, customise your character. Design their duds. Then personalise your playful critter pal. Now link up with Agent 3 to battle the oppressive Octarian army in a cool, colourful tale. Blast out some blue. Pop out some purple. Or splash stacks of other colours depending on your team. Brawls start in paint-stuffed cubes. Pick where to touchdown. Then soar into a starting spot. You know the drill. Splat stacks of opponents as you spread ink. Then squid your way to or from your frantically firing foes. Use rad new feats like squid roll to dodge incoming ink. Or speed up walls with squid surge and pop paint from above!


This is the first Splatoon game to pack up its paint and splat away from Inkopolis. Those usual still-drying digs are replaced by the sun-soaked Splatlands. This desert dwelling is the setting for a story set 18 months after the final Splatfest. So expect to experience plenty of chaotic things!


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