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Sports Story Intro

Sports Story Intro

Here we were thinking the single sport they taught in Golf Story was the end of the Sports Story! Available Soon On: Switch

Okay, sports. Here’s the story. Sports Story is a game that’s all about sports. Except for the bits that aren’t about sports. Let’s try that again. So there totes are sports. Like, get into the grassy groove of a golfing adventure. Tee off on fairly normal fairways and faraway fantastical courses, of course. Or tackle the full-time task of being tennis tutored. Then impress your not-cool-headed coach by conquering a Decasportathon. (Psst, we don’t know what that is either.) But this wouldn’t be an RPG if it was all about the sports. The ‘Story’ bit of the game name has stacks of non-sports stuff. Like, dive into dungeons. Or take a dip in fantastic fishing expeditions. Then do your best Game Ninja impersonation and sneak into places. Basically, expect the unexpected! Along the way, make mates and enrage enemies. There are stacks of magical mini-games. And even a bunch of buried treasures.


Sports Story is a sequel to Golf Story. Kinda. The Sidebar Games devs don’t wanna call it a sequel. But they are saying it’s set shortly after Golf Story. Plus, it has some of the same characters. Hmm. Sounds like a sneaky sequel to us! Either way, you should tee up some time with Golf Story.

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