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Super Mario Maker 3DS Cheats (Weird Mario, Worlds and Edamame)

Super Mario Maker 3DS Cheats (Weird Mario, Worlds and Edamame)

Unlock World 19, score the Edamame icon and find Weird Mario - in many costumes!


There are 18 core World's in Super Mario Maker 3DS, but there's also a sneaky hidden World. You'll have to beat all 18 World's and earn at least 40 medals (in Medal Challenges) to unlock World 19. It has 12 levels, and you must play through in order to unlock them all.


If you are up for a test of your skill, try to beat all of the core 18 Worlds in Super Mario Challenge mode, without using any assists! if you can achieve this, you'll manage to score an Edamame icon as part of your profile (just check the top right of the screen to see it) in Course World. Nice!


Who's there? Well, if you follow these instructions, you will find Weird Mario! First, build a course and then throw in some standard Warp Doors. Next, tap on the door a lot. Just keep tapping. If you tap the door enough, Weird Mario will open it!  You can also change the game style to discover different Weird Mario costumes behind the door, like Acorn Weird Mario, Cape Weird Mario, or Raccoon Weird Mario.

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