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Super Mario Odyssey Cheats (Moons, Cappy, Star, Top Hat)

Super Mario Odyssey Cheats (Moons, Cappy, Star, Top Hat)

Get ready for Super Mario Odyssey cheats!


There are actually 999 Moons to find! Beat the final boss, all the story missions and every single Kindom boss. Done that? Well, now go find new Moons in all the Kingdoms inside breakable Moonstones!


It takes a lot to fully clock Super Mario Odyssey. Grab the 999 Power Moons, fill your Action Guide, buy all the costumes and hats, hunt down the music tracks and grab every souvenir. The reward? A star on your save file. Plus, Peach’s Castle will have a giant top hat!


The best Cappy tricks are the motion control ones, like flicking the Joy-Con to make Cappy automatically smack the nearest enemy, even if you miss, or hold ‘Y’ for a longer Cappy throw then Dive Jump to Cappy. Throw Cappy, jump on Cappy, throw Cappy again and then Dive Jump off Cappy.

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