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Super Mario Odyssey Cheats (Moons, Kingdoms, amiibo, Yoshi)

Super Mario Odyssey Cheats (Moons, Kingdoms, amiibo, Yoshi)

A stack of oddly perfect tips for sniffing out more fun (and moons)!


There’s a whopping 880 regular Moons to find. Find ‘em all and you’ll get three rewards. A gold sail for the Odyssey ship, a portrait of Bowser in the wedding hall on the Moon, and a postcard after you beat Bowser’s tougher fight.


Beat the main game? Unlock the Mushroom Kingdom by finishing, snag 250 more Moons to unlock the Dark Side Kingdom, and 500 Moons for the Darker Side Kingdom.


Using the right amiibo can offer sweet perks. Scan any Bowser amiibo while you’re playing to highlight Purple Coins, or a Peach amiibo to snag a Life-Up Heart. A Mario amiibo will unlock 30 seconds of invincibility, and scan any amiibo to score bonus coins or hearts.


Finish the game, and find Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom. On the left side of Peach’s Castle, throw Cappy at the scarecrow, run up the secret staircase to the roof and break the green spotted egg to make Yoshi appear. Finally, throw Cappy at Yoshi to control him.

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Mario Oddyssey is epic! is there going to be another one?
13/5/2020 3:12:58 PM
Elijah V
I really want to get all the moons at once. why isn't there a code so I can get 999 moons at once? :(
1/5/2020 8:52:01 AM
Which is heaps better?