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K-Zone's Funniest Jokes of February

Tags:   jokes lol


You rock kzone
1/25/2019 4:09:12 AM
knock knock whos there boo boohwo dont be so hard on yourself buddy its just a joke
11/26/2018 8:29:19 AM
What did mum say when the goat ate her roses? "You've got to be kidding!"
10/3/2018 10:46:40 PM
Why are grave yards so popular? Because every one is dying to get in
7/19/2018 9:08:17 AM
Alex H
Whats the difference between a tuna, piano and a gluestick? You can tuna piano but you can't piano a tuna. What about the glue? I thought you would get stuck on that!
6/17/2018 6:33:13 AM
what do you get if you run over a dinosaur with a steam roller - squash a Saur us rex.
5/2/2018 2:18:43 PM
Why did the dinosaur cross the road? Because chickens weren't invented yet!!
4/23/2018 10:15:11 AM
q: what do u find at the end of a rainbow? a: W!!!!
3/15/2018 8:55:33 AM
Why don't mother rattlesnakes have to give their children toys Because they come with a rattle
1/25/2018 1:23:29 AM
You rull you rule
10/6/2017 12:57:10 AM
What happened to the guy that lost his left arm & left leg? Answer = He was alright.
9/9/2017 3:50:16 AM
πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Žyou rock
7/16/2017 2:58:00 AM
why did elephants have trunk? because they cant fit everything into a hangback
6/25/2017 5:16:56 AM
what do you call a deer with no eyes answer:no i deer
6/13/2017 9:26:42 AM
i love your magzines there best one ever made
5/6/2017 6:47:00 AM
what do you call bears that need to go poo-Winnie the pooh
4/1/2017 8:17:18 PM
the jokes wern't to bad but they were still bad
2/11/2017 3:44:21 AM
Here is a joke: Q: Imagine you were stuck in a house, which had no doors, no windows, and the only the thing house has, is a cement roof and walls? A: Stop imagining!
12/15/2016 8:17:10 AM
What noise did pinkachu make when he sneezed??? Pinkachoo!!!!!!!
10/30/2016 10:20:26 PM
What do call a deer with no legs and eyes answer still no eye deer
10/18/2016 6:37:49 AM
Who is your go-to in Mario Kart?
Donkey Kong