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I LOVE K-ZONE! - Kai I'm so excited for detective pikachu, Kzone crew should watch it and i will - Sam W hi l love love love sqishamals. they are so cute!!! - ashlee k Hi - Riley Heyooo - sinead s Yo u are cool - Callum Hi Kzone thank you for having Mario & Lego Movie 2 in this issue xx - Lachlan M thanks for my panini runner up prize pack. I still haven't stuck them in the booklet. - asher h K-zone is the best thing ever - Riley You are great! - Joel


I like lego and star wars. Star wars and lego combined i so awesome
11/23/2016 3:31:14 AM
they are awesome because i am a star wars fan
3/18/2016 10:26:55 PM
i dont think they look ready yet
2/17/2015 6:01:55 AM
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