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Hi all K-zoners - Leo D I love Kzone your magazines are the best one day I wish to be in Kzone I can’t wait for the next issue I bet I’ll love it - Kirk you da boiz and gurlzzzzz !!! - Jacob R HELLO K-ZONE YOUR AWESOME - Alastair B Shout out to LEGO enthusiasts everywhere, especially my mate Tommy! - Hayden B Yo K-ZONE you guys got the best mags there is - Jermaine.M Shout out to K-zone for having the best Magazines ever - Grace G I'm in a school Musical and i'm playing Aladdin! OMG - Marcus H KZONE IS AWSOME I'M ONLY ON MY SECAND BOOK - madden d Yo K-zone is the best I read all of your mags! They are awesome! - Thomas S

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17/4/2019 9:07:12 AM
that moment when you realise your sister stole your cookies OLIVIA!!!!
7/7/2015 11:08:57 AM
What’s the coolest science project?
Creating your own volcano
Making a mini bot