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Hello hi lol bye - Lucas Shout to all the k-zoners in this world 🌍 - Charlie w Shout out to my friends Bodhi and Riley - Watch K-zone is the best!!! - Dr.D Shout out to my awesome brother and all k-zoners out there! - Hayley H Shout out to my best friends max and hazza - Xavier i love your mags and can you please make a kzone mag about amoung us - declan F I love k-zone sooooooooooo much I love the prizes you give out and the k-zone posters the little gifts are so cool. - Matilda T Coolio bro - Connor R I love your mags so much - Ryan H

Playing It Smart: Smarter Kids Online Competition Winners

Read the four winning entries from the Safer Kids Online competition!

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Jeremy B
Thanks for choosing me as a runner up, you guys rock. Thank you k-zone team for the hard work you do every day to make these magazines so awesome.
23/9/2020 9:16:18 AM
Good job
15/9/2020 4:49:43 AM
What is the best thing about rainy days?
Jumping in puddles
Playing in the mud