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Sup k zone got the new old school v new school. (I go new school) - Lorcan M I love the new issue that I can’t stop reading it. - Cody P K zone rulz - Henry l Put me in. I love K-Zone - Kody S Kzone you guys are so alsome that I want to be in the community. - Cody P You are the best - Jacob G K-zone is the best 🤑 - Noah i love k zone - Shona L K-Zone is too epic! - Kale i tried al hack i rideing on the ender dragon now - Reason L


Apple computers are cool.But mine is crazy
30/9/2016 5:15:44 AM
woahhh the apple computer looks ancient
14/3/2016 10:17:38 PM
Which Fortnite skin would you pick?