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Hey guys I wish I could win the grit scooter I have just signed I Up and I would love to win it- Krystal - Krystal H Thanks for the AWESOME Sonic the hedgehog prize!!. I LOVED it! <3 - Kit You guys are amazing next one put in stuff about spider man: far from home cause it’s AMAZING!! - Tyler pikachue rules - Ethan R Shout out to Charlie!!!-Otis - Otis IM AM HULK - Hulk I love your mags K-zone - Zeke C I love you k-zone I love reading 📖 your magazines - Tayo D Let's hope we get some super sick prizes like these next catalogue! Love you guys and keep doing what your doing! - Marley E Shout out for my best friend James - Riley S


2/24/2019 1:28:37 PM
that is very cool
1/11/2018 2:51:11 PM
i will like SPIDER-MAN AND SONIC !!!!!!!!!!!
6/22/2014 12:31:00 AM
Which game is better?
Overcooked! 2
LEGO The Incredibles